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    Whom Should You Inform About Your Relocation?

    Whom Should You Inform About Your Relocation

    Relocation is tough! We understand that many things must be done to make a move, and you need to think about the process. Packing and unpacking, booking the right removalist, and much more. 

    But there is one more vital thing to note: you are changing your address, so you must inform many essential formal organizations about your relocation.

    No worries. If you need help figuring out where to start, Furniture Delivery Truck has a checklist to help you figure out whom to notify about your new address. We provide the best moving services with our well-trained professional team.


    Who to notify about address change?


    Here is the checklist to inform you about your new home.


    1. The postal service


    It would help if you started with your postal services. First, notify your country’s post office to get new mail to your updated address. You can also check online how to update your address in the post office. In some countries, you can get a form to update your address at your nearby post offices. You should do this 1 or 2 weeks before the move.


    2. Tax agencies


    You should notify both federal and state tax agencies about your address change. There are different ways to inform them. You can call them and provide your full name, date of birth, social security number, and old and new addresses, or you can send them written information that contains the above information.

    Ask your tax preparer which method is best for you. Then, you can go to the state government websites and look for instructions. You’ll find the form; download and fill them out and send them to the state tax agency.


    3. Motor vehicles department


    Your vehicle’s address also changes, so before settling in a new place, inform your motor vehicle department about your new address. If you are moving to a new state, you must fill out forms to change the address on your driver’s license and your vehicle’s registration, if applicable.

    Here are some documents you can update while you’re at the DMV:

    • Drivers license
    • Vehicle registration
    • Voters registration
    • Passport

    Save yourself time by making an appointment and bringing the required documents with you.


    4. Phone, cable, and internet providers


    Notifying phone, cable, and internet providers are also necessary. If they are also available at a new place and you want to continue their services, you can ask them for the transfer by informing them of the new address.

    If you decide to get a new provider at a new place, your realtor or landlord can help you with this. Depending upon your service provider, you can terminate or transfer online also. Or else you can check with their customer care service on a call.


    5. Homeowners or renters insurance


    Some landlords will want proof of transfer before your move-in date, so let your home or renters insurance agent know about your new home. They will need to transfer your policy.

    You can change your address online but talk to your agent or representative and ensure your policy covers your new home. 


    6. Employer


    Let your company and colleagues know of your new address so they can let your family and friends know in an emergency. Even if your salary goes directly into your bank account, you should share your new address information with your employer.


    7. Banks


    To get information about your account, statements, and new cards, you’ll need to provide your new address details to your bank and credit card company.

    You can update your address online on your credit card or bank’s website. Also, you can edit this on your bank’s apps. But if you are having trouble, you can always call and speak to someone directly on their customer service number.


     8. Loan and insurance providers


    Letting your loan providers know about your new address involves going to their website and updating the mail address. Also, you can call their customer service number and ask them to change their address.


    Insurance providers notify all agencies providing health, dental, car, and life insurance. In addition, the customer service number is available in case of any help with the process.


    Also, you should note that your car insurance can increase or decrease based on your new address. If you fail to update your address, your insurance claim can get denied or fraud charges, so taking care of this task is essential.


    9. Gas and electric companies


    If you don’t inform your gas or electric companies about your move, you’ll have to spend a few days in a new place without gas or electricity.


    Arrange shutoff at the old house the day you move out and resume the service at the new place the day you move in. This way, you ensure that it won’t be dark when you move in.


    For new providers at the new place, you can search for them online or ask your realtor or landlord.


    10. Other utility companies


    By other utility companies, we mean the water department, garbage/recycling company, and sewer utility company. You must also inform them to get these services at your new places. Again, your realtor, property manager, or landlord should be able to tell you what other utilities you are responsible for. You can initiate new services or end the ones at the old place and change your address as needed.


    11. Magazine and subscription services


    If you have subscribed to monthly or daily magazines or other subscription boxes, change your address by email or call their customer department. This includes your meal delivery services or some recurring product deliveries.


    12. Online shopping sites


    You need to update the address on those online shopping sites. So make a list of all online stores you shop at frequently. Then, update the address early with them to get your new delivery package at your place.


    13. Organizations and charities


    If you are in some organization or participate in charities, notify all of them. So they can let you know about their events through mail.


    14. Business people


    If you receive deliveries from vendors, contact them to change your address. You may need to call your vendors for an address change.


    15. Friends and family


    The most influential people in your life, let them know about their new address to feel special, and they’ll help you with the moving process.




    After making the list of departments and people you need to inform about your move and updating your address, you can also check out the furniture delivery truck for your move. 


    Furniture Delivery Truck offer a quick and smooth move to our customers. You can expect our removalists to guide and help you move your house or office effortlessly.


    We have years of experience in the moving industry, which makes us reliable and trustworthy for a move. In addition, we offer premium services at a reasonable price. Our professional movers take great pride in guaranteeing the security of your belonging.


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    Furniture Delivery Truck is the best removalist in Australia. So hire us for your house move and rest assured of a speedy, smooth transfer.


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