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    Top 4 Heavy-Furniture Packing Hacks For A Safe And Stress-Free Move

    Top 4 Heavy-Furniture Packing Hacks For A Safe And Stress-Free Move

    Everyone must have relocated their home or business space at least once in life and have experienced that moving heavy furniture and appliances even to the next room is the most challenging part of a relocation to undertake. There are a number of things to be considered for their safety, especially for expensive and fragile antiques and furniture. Although it is not so challenging to move small furniture like tables, chairs, desks, etc., they can be packed and shifted comfortably without any professional help. But when it comes to moving the bulky furniture like sofa set, bed, wardrobe, dining table and fragile like a bathtub, then it is vital to have the knowledge of the right moving and packing tricks to reach them safely at the destination location.

    The sensible advice for moving these heavy and bulky goods without any damage is to hire the best furniture moving company in your locality. Professional furniture movers Melbourne are trained to quickly pack and move different heavy and bulky furniture with complete safety. They can make your house or furniture removals stress-free at the lowest possible cost and with no risk. But, if you have decided to make a DIY furniture relocation, do not worry. In this blog, we have mentioned the four most simple and easy furniture packing hacks and some bonus tips for a safe & stress-free move.

    Prepare A Detailed Checklist

    A pre-plan is very much important before you start packing anything. The more you spend your time in planning, the less time you will be able to execute your relocation plan. Prepare a complete moving inventory and divided them into different categories like move, sell, donate, discard, etc. Note down what you need to pack and move your goods. Sort everything according to their nature, start packing from small items, and then consider packing your heavy furniture and electrical appliances. Keep in mind, create this checklist at least a week before your moving day to execute each step flawlessly.

    Collect Packing Supplies

    After all the planning, it is time to execute all the steps correctly. To execute your DIY furniture removals in the safest manner, put more emphasis on packing your furniture and belongings. Because the slightest damage to your expensive dining table, bed or sofa set can lead to costly repairs or replacements. So, before you load all your furniture items into the truck, gather all the necessary packing supplies to protect your goods from damage and scratches. You can get free cardboard boxes and recycled wrapping sheets from your friends, neighbours or nearby general store. Use old household articles like clothes, blankets, towels and paper for small item packaging. But for the expensive furniture and things, buy the premium packing supplies. Packing heavy furniture is essential for their security, so choose the best and affordable way to minimize damage during transit.

    Rent Moving Tools & Equipment

    Moving heavy items like bed and wardrobe is not possible without the help of practical tools and equipment. Instead of relying on manual methods, rent or buy the tools and equipment to move heavy things effortlessly and without hurting yourself. You can rent the moving tools and vehicle from your local moving company or your friends. Remember to equip yourself with tools like furniture dollies, moving straps, sliders, etc., if you are taking the plunge of moving heavy furniture by yourself.

    Disassemble Your Furniture

    Small removals like crockeries, fragile fine art, frames, etc., can be easily packed as a whole in cardboard boxes. Still, large furniture items and appliances need to be dismantled first before packing and relocation. It’s not that they can not be packed or relocated without taking them apart, but the chances of getting damaged increase if you don’t take them apart and pack them. Already bulky furniture has a large size and weight, due to which it is not easy to pack it without dismantling. Therefore, we recommend you disassemble heavy furniture into smaller parts that can be packed appropriately and moved from your doorways without any hassle or damage. Read the manual and use proper equipment and tools to take apart the parts of the furniture, and don’t forget to secure and label screws into sealable bags.

    Bonus Tips

    • Empty the drawers and cupboard before you pack them. Unscrew the handles and wrap with stretch plastic wraps with 3-4 loops of solid tape to protect them from scratches or jerks during transportation.
    • Use household stuff like newspapers, old blankets, socks, etc., to pack glass items and delicate furniture.
    • Wrap the legs of bulky furniture like a dining table with plastic wrap and tape. It will help you to slide this type of heavy furniture easily without damaging the floor.
    • Wear hand gloves and lift the heavy furniture in a squats position to prevent yourself from backaches.
    • If you have toddlers/kids or pets in your house, try to keep them out from all this mess and do all the packing in the less-visited room or space like a garage.

    To Conclude

    Moving and shifting heavy furniture from one place to another by yourself is quite risky, with these given above tips and hacks can save your time and effort and will get you a safe furniture relocation experience. But anywhere you feel that you cannot manage this process alone, call professional furniture movers to help you.

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