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Moving Services

Best Moving Service in Melbourne | Brisbane | Perth | Adelaide


Everyone knows that moving is really very stressful. Many times expensive goods get damaged or we misplaced our memorable goods in it. You don’t want to experience such hassle. Right!


We are there for you. With 96% referral rate, our company is specialized in house moving services. No matters, how much or less goods you have? Or how far your destination is? We can move all at your destination. At our company, we will do our best to give an expert, trusted and solid support of every one of our clients. Our “Clients First” arrangement implies we will suit to any solicitations and resolve any issues you may have. Also, we have the experience and demonstrable skill to make house moves smooth and straightforward. Give our movers a chance to deal with your home or business move and appreciate VIP benefit from packing to moving. That’s why, we are considered as the best moving company near your area




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In our affordable moving services, we offer you 2 incredible services that are:-


House Moving Services:-

House moving includes parcels and bunches of exercises and issues, which one should design out legitimately in advance to dodge any, mediate and make situation terrible. We offer a wide assortment of nearby moves, including lofts, single-family homes, retirement networks, quarters, apartment suites, and some more! To guarantee that your house is left in flawless condition, every single area such as, walls, door locks, stairs or even lifts will be ensure.


Business Moving Services:

In this, we focus on furniture moving service. Furniture like chairs, desks, laptops, computers and other similar stuff, are moved easily, if and only if you are hiring our professional moving service. We assured you about the safety of all your luxurious goods. We offer a complete service just to limit your stress and recover your office or business to fill in as fast as would be prudent. We’ve been the excellent moving company in Australia for a decade.


Utilizing our clean and completely loaded moving trucks, our movers cushion and stretch wrap the heavy and delicate goods during the move. We likewise actualize the utilization of hardwood floor sprinters, handrail and railing covers, door frames, cover shields, and sleeping pad packs to restrict any potential harms while things are being moved.


Here, at our company, we take complete charge of your relocation process and try our the best to perform core functioning right from the initial stage of packing to unloading it to the desired location.


We recommend you to just call us once, so that you can personally feel the difference between a professional service and a local service. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US.

Customer Reviews

Good deal

We used the furniture delivery truck team this month. They were prompt to reply. Gave us a good deal and the service was excellent. Phone them first for any removal needs. You will not regret it and also refer them to your family and friends.

-Marley Hatthews

Totally hassle free service

They were professional in every way. From correspondence in the first instance to removal of furniture and goods for storage. I would highly recommend Furniture Delivery Truck to anyone who requires this kind of service

-Jonathan Muse-Jones

Great Job!

Very good company, turned up on time and done the job quick.

-Shane Philp

Very friendly and a great service

Very friendly and a great service

-Andrew Jellicoe

Quick and efficient.

The team did a great job and took good care of all of our stuff. They were very quick and efficient.


Incredible services

Initially, I was not so sure about your services but it was fabulous. Incredible services you guys are providing to us


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