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    List Of Essential Moving Supplies That You Need For A DIY Office Move

    List Of Essential Moving Supplies That You Need For A DIY Office Move

    Office relocation can happen for multiple reasons due to your company fund, rent increase at your place, or your company trying to expand its business in other areas. But one thing is for sure; an office move is very challenging. Therefore, there are many things to remember when moving an office, from personal belongings to large office machines. Every item should be carefully labeled and packed to ensure everything is clear.


    There are a lot of essential items in an office, from machines like computers and telephones to important furniture like desks, bookshelves and storage cabinets, etc., that need extra precautions while packing. So, Furniture Delivery Truck  have put together a list of essential items for an office move to make sure you have everything ready when you are moving.


    Essential Moving Supplies For An Office Move 


    Now, if you are moving an office all by yourself, here are some essential moving supplies you need to have ready for the move.




    The first and essential thing for a move is appropriate boxes. Every item in an office needs a box to pack items safely, so buy the right boxes. These come in different sizes, so you can look around the office materials and calculate how many large, medium, or small size boxes you require. Small boxes are suitable for fragile and heavy items, so you can pack delicate glass vases of office in small packages. 


    Packing tape


    Your boxes need to stay closed throughout the transport; otherwise, your office belongings can get damaged. Packing tape is an essential item to seal the boxes properly. For heavy boxes, wrap them with added duct tape.


    Box cutter


    A box cutter is a tool to unpack quickly, and it cuts very accurately and clearly. Always make sure before using this that it is sharp and work very carefully, so you don’t hurt yourself.




     Labeling the boxes is very useful for an organized move. Label all the boxes and write what department this box will go to at a new place. It is your choice, but some organized people also color-code them. You can apply labels on the top and two sides of the box. Write clearly so that you can read from a distance away.


    Permanent markers 


    Use permanent markers to complete the whole labeling process. Also, if moving on a rainy day, write with a waterproof marker to protect your writing from rain.


    Bubble wrap & packing paper


    Bubble wrap protects fragile items inside the boxes. During the transport, they can smash into each other if there are multiple items in a box, so bubble wrap protects them from getting damaged. This is essential if you have many fragile items in your office to pack. Packing paper is also necessary to fill the gap in the boxes and wrap the delicate items.




     Well, you can say that you won’t need scissors as you have a box cutter already, but that is for opening boxes quickly. A scissor can be used to cut packing paper, bubble wrap, and packing tape. So it is valid and ensures it is sharpened to avoid injury.


    Standard tool kit


    A professional moving company has all the equipment, but in a DIY move, you would need a standard toolkit which has a 12-ounce hammer, four-way screwdriver and basic screwdriver set, utility knife, a handheld drill, measuring tape, saw, pliers, wrench, hooks, wire, goggles, work gloves and packs of nails. 


    Plastic bags


     Plastic bags are essential to fill all the small things from around the office. Also, you can fill all the waste in these bags to throw in the trash.


    Cleaning supplies


     If you are not hiring a moving company, you’ll need cleaning supplies. Here is the list of some essential cleaning supplies:


    1. Paper towels
    2. Gloves
    3. Bathroom cleaners
    4. A mop and bucket
    5. Broom and dustpan 
    6. Portable vacuum 


    Technological items


     Items related to the technology department are essential, and moving those items is very complex. Data is critical nowadays, especially in the office. So a security breach creates significant complications in the business. 


    From a technology perspective, essential items are:


    • Basic equipment
    • Cabling
    • Power sources
    • Servers


    Other important tasks to do before the relocation:

    • Back up all the data before relocation.
    • Develop a plan for the new office relocation.


    Check Before Leaving


    If you are moving an office by yourself, there are not just things you need to buy but also some tasks involved. In the old office space following are the things you need to look out for before closing it.

    • Check for the damages.
    • Make a list of all the furniture, cables, etc. 
    • Cancel services like internet and electricity.
    • Book a cleaning service 




    All the things mentioned are essential for shifting your office. However, it can be overwhelming if you do it alone and for the first time. The key to a successful office move is starting early, managing well, and organizing all the above tasks and things according to fit.


    So if you want to move your office with the best office movers in Australia that you can rely on, Furniture Delivery Truck is at your service. We are the most trusted moving company in Australia


    Regardless of the size of your move, we will provide you with our excellent services at a reasonable price. We have been in the industry for quite a long time. Our experienced movers make the moving process smooth, quicker, and cost-effective.



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